Seattle’s Right-of-Way Laws That You Must Be Aware Of

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The government of Seattle has introduced right-of-way laws in order to protect the rights of pedestrians and people driving on the road from vehicles. If a car driver breaks these rules, he not only puts others’ lives in danger but also exposes himself to punishable offenses that are impossible to escape. So, if you live here and drive a vehicle regularly, be aware of these rules and never try to violate them. Here are some major right-of-way laws for your reference that must be paid attention to.

Seattle’s Right-of-Way Laws:

There are crosswalks everywhere in Seattle. As a vehicle driver, you must stop at these crosswalks for pedestrians to cross the road safely. No matter how important it is for you to arrive at a destination, don’t ever try to violate this rule if you want to keep any legal cases at bay.

Another important law is that if a car has stopped at a crosswalk or a traffic light for pedestrians to go from one side of the road to another side of the road, then there is no way for another vehicle stopped behind this car can overtake and drive away. It is considered a law violation and treated accordingly.

Just like there are rules for cars to stop, pedestrians must also follow some laws. One such law is the use of sideways. According to Seattle’s right of way, pedestrians must take sidewalks as and when possible instead of walking on the road. Also, they are not supposed to cross an intersection or road diagonally unless a traffic official instructs them to do so.

Rules related to traffic signals are applicable to vehicle owners as well as pedestrians. Both of them are expected to follow these rules carefully.

Despite following all these rules, if another vehicle crashes into your car and causes you injuries and also damages your vehicle, then make sure you approach this matter legally. Get in touch with Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers immediately to sue the other party in the courtroom and seek financial compensation to cover your losses.

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