Most Surprising Car Wreck Statistics You Should Be Aware Of

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Thousands of car accidents happen every month across the country. These accidents result in tens of thousands of injuries and many deaths. While it’s been like that for years, what surprises many people as well as the transportation department is the manner in which these accidents take place. This post covers some of these car wreck statistics that will blow your mind away.

Surprising Car Wreck Statistics:

The first statistic on this list is about young drivers. As soon as young kids aged above 15 get behind wheels, they leave no stone unturned to make the most thrilling experience of their life. Sometimes, while doing so, they crash into other vehicles and get injured. According to the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety, such drivers who are in the age group 16-19 have a three times higher risk of meeting with an accident than those over 20.

The USCB (United States Census Bureau) says that 12.2% of car accidents happen because of teen drivers, while 7.5% have senior citizens involved in them.

If you have kids or senior citizens at home who keep on asking you for car keys, these statistics can help you in deciding whether to give them what they want or not.

The numbers related to rear-end accidents also give a surprising outlook when it comes to total injuries reported in a specific year. These days, such accidents have become quite common. The main cause of rear-end accidents is the stationary position of one vehicle and the high speed of another.

If you compare these accidents with the total number of accidents in the U.S., you can easily find out that they account for more than 29% of all the serious injuries reported in the country. These rear-end collisions are a leading cause of traffic-related fatalities with more than 7% of cases. As far as two-wheeler collisions are concerned, rear-end accidents result in more than 20% of the total number of reported cases.

Your responsibility as a car driver should be to keep these points in mind and take necessary legal actions with the help of a skilled personal injury lawyer if someone crashes into your vehicle and causes you physical as well as property damage.

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