Medical Dangers: Pharmaceutical Defects and Physician Errors

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It is difficult to imagine that the very things meant to be beneficial to one’s health and well-being end up becoming the cause of harmful effects. This is a reality that some patients get to experience due to certain medical dangers. While it’s clear that the quality of health care has improved dramatically in the last couple of decades, cases of pharmaceutical defects and medical malpractice can’t be ignored. It is an unfortunate reality that not every drug or medical product released by top pharmaceuticals is as reliable as they seem. In the same way, the fact that medical professionals can be susceptible to negligent errors causing harm to patients can’t be ignored. Discussions of these issues should remain in the public sphere. Without the awareness raised by different groups regarding certain medical dangers, patients seeking only the best possible treatment might not be able to make informed choices.

Among the many pharmaceutical products in the midst of such discussions is the anti-nausea medication called Zofran. While the drug was originally intended as a treatment for side effects experienced by patients that have undergone chemotherapy and radiation, Zofran is now widely used as medication to for morning sickness symptoms. As noted by Williams Kherkher, there is strong evidence which shows that Zofran can affect the development of a fetus in utero and potentially cause birth defects. Another dangerous medical scenario is the prevalence of physician errors and malpractice. According to findings from a study published in the Journal of Patient Safety in the year 2013, around 210,000 to 440,000 patients suffer from preventable harm in hospitals across the United States.

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