How Does Your Income Affect Your Social Security Disability Benefits?

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The US government takes various steps to make sure people who cannot work full time anymore due to a physical disability continue to receive financial aid for a decent living. The program is called supplemental security income and can be defined as a need-based initiative that provides financial aid to disabled, blind, or senior citizens who are 65 or older.

To qualify for this program, you must be making a limited monthly income as per the criteria set by the government. Also, there should not be many assets registered in your name. If you have multiple assets and earn an additional income from them, then you may face issues while applying for social security disability benefits. Here is how it works.

Impact of Your Income On Social Security Disability:

Before you apply for social security disability income, you need to calculate your earnings so that there is no confusion at a later stage. Your earnings can include net earnings from any business, wages, or any other royalties. The US law says that for a person to receive social security disability, his monthly income should be less than a predetermined limit called FBR or federal benefit rate. At present, the federal benefit rate is $750 for individuals and $1,125 for couples.

That being said, many cases have come to light in the recent past where eligible people missed out on social security benefits due to some technical errors or negligence from the government. If you have an elderly person in your house who has faced a similar issue in the recent past, then don’t leave things just like that. It’s their right to receive the benefits they are eligible for, and your duty should be to help them with it. 

The best way to move forward in this direction is to connect with a skilled lawyer like and share the evidence that you have. Once you have shared your details with a lawyer, he will look into the matter closely and let you know if your elderly parents have been wronged by the government or not. If there is any chance for them to receive social security disability benefits, then the lawyer you have hired can get it done comfortably. So, make sure you take this step without any further delay.

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