Criminal Charges Related to Traffic Violations and How They Can Impact Your Life

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It is common knowledge that traffic violations can lead to a variety of criminal charges. These charges come in many shapes and sizes, but the most common are speeding tickets, reckless driving, and DUI/DWI offenses.

In this blog post, we will be discussing what these changes mean for you as an individual, how they may affect your life moving forward, and what steps you can take to avoid them from happening in the first place!

If you are accused of a traffic violation, whether speeding or reckless driving, your state may deem this to constitute a criminal offense. This means that if found guilty of these charges and they result in jail time; you will need to register with their local law enforcement agency, which is typically called “the Department of Motor Vehicles.”

There are many reasons why people get charged criminally related to road offenses. They range from being caught by the police while at an illegal speed limit on the highway, running red lights/stop signs without stopping completely, or even getting into accidents due to drunk driving! The most common ways, however, involve:

  • Failing field sobriety tests administered by officers.
  • Driving without a valid license.
  • Not having your car registration on you when pulled over.

Driving while intoxicated can also result in criminal charges that will impact your daily life, such as ignition locks, community service hours/sessions, denial of employment opportunities until cleared from conviction records, and even being denied entry into Canadian territories!

How To Get Rid of Criminal Charges?

If traffic police catch you while violating any law, be polite and cooperate. However, instead of pleading guilty, hire a skilled traffic violation lawyer in your city and explain everything to him. 

A good lawyer like Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates will evaluate the situation and analyze how likely it is that you would win in a trial. Hiring an attorney at this stage can result in getting your charges reduced or dismissed altogether, which may save you from embarrassing consequences such as high fines/fees, suspension of driving privileges, and even jail time!

So, be careful while handling criminal charges if you want to have a hassle-free experience.

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