Boats are Fun, but Not Always Safe

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Who doesn’t enjoy a nice trip out on the water in a boat? Whether it’s a speedboat zooming over the waves, a yacht cruising along at relaxing speed, or a little rowboat taking its leisurely time, boats can be a lot of fun for the whole family.

But taking a boat isn’t just about fun, it also requires strict adherence to safety. While it might seem unlikely as you head out at a few knots that a boat accident could be anything but amusing, they are often quite serious and leave people injured. Others aren’t as lucky as that. So, please, keep the points mentioned by this boating accident law firm in mind next time you launch from the dock.

  • Don’t Boat Under the Influence

This one seems easy enough for most people to follow, but there are others who want to rebel. Taking a few drinks out on the lake or the ocean can make for a relaxing time, certainly, but it also lowers your awareness and reflections, which can put yourself and others in danger. It may seem like a serious sacrifice, but leave the drinks on shore for after you’ve finished your fishing.

  • Don’t Speed

About those speedboats zooming over the waves: it’s a lot of fun, just keep it at a reasonable speed. Going too fast over the water can lead to you losing control, even more so than on land. It also takes a lot of space for a boat to stop if it’s going at top speed. Should someone jump out in front of your boat, make sure you’re capable of stopping and averting a real disaster.

  • Don’t Be Reckless

This isn’t just about speed. Be mindful of other boats and swimmers around you.

  • Keep All Proper Safety Equipment

Make sure you’ve got everything required to keep you and others safe. Be sure to keep enough life jackets for everyone, flares, a first aid kit, and a phone that you can use to call for help. Remember that it’s always better to be over-prepared for an emergency than to find out too late you forgot something.

  • Follow All Posted Laws

Different locations have different rules and laws. Be sure to obey them all. There’s a reason those rules and laws exist. If there’s a lower speed limit in one area, there’s probably a reason, and disobeying it is sure to put you and others at greater risk of injury.

These guidelines exist for a reason. They help keep you and others safe. If that isn’t enough to make you follow them, remember that you are liable if anything happens and you haven’t followed all these guidelines.

Boating is a lot of fun, no matter how you do it, but just like any vehicle you are in control of, you have to remember that they can also cause real harm if not managed properly. If you follow the guidelines above, you’ll have nothing to worry about and your day can be spent having fun.

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